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North Attleboro Family Dentist

North Attleboro Family Dentist

Pediatric Dental Exams in North Attleboro

Preventive care is important for you, and it’s important for your child, too. At All Dental, we are pleased to develop an effective strategy that will serve to keep your child’s teeth and gums strong and healthy, and to limit or eliminate toothaches and other complications.

Just like with adults, kids should visit our North Attleboro family dentist every six months for a dental exam and a teeth cleaning. It’s well worth the minimal effort. Any existing cavities will be detected in a timely manner, leading to them being filled before they grow big enough to result in a toothache or an infection. That’s essential, but just as much so is to prevent new ones from forming. Tartar buildup occurs from any dental plaque that remains after your child brushes and flosses. And while there may always be some plaque that hides away in gum pockets and other areas out of reach, the more often your child brushes, and the more effective that it’s done, the less plaque will be left to become tartar. Our teeth cleanings eliminate tartar as well as any residual plaque. But there’s even more benefit than that. With all the focus on tooth decay, don’t forget gum disease. Kids get it, too. And when you bring him or her in for an examination with our North Attleboro family dentist, the teeth cleaning also reverses the effects of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. In addition to all the other advice we’ve provided, don’t forget the importance of keeping a close watch on your child’s sugar intake. Sugar is fuel that causes dental plaque to grow in the first place. In addition to obvious culprits like ice cream, cake, candy, and soda, be aware that sugar can be found in ketchup and other condiments, bottled salad dressing, and in fruit juice, even if it claims no sugar added.

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