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North Attleboro root canal

North Attleboro Root Canal

Root canal therapy in North Attleboro

Do you need root canal therapy? If you have a toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold items, and possibly tooth discoloration and gum tenderness, then the answer might be yes. No need to worry, though. At All Dental, we make sure the treatment is one you will feel at ease with. Done under local anesthesia, you will be sufficiently numb. In fact, most of our patients tell us they feel either no discomfort at all, or very little. And that’s good to know, because our North Attleboro root canal is an important treatment. It’s typically the only thing standing between you and tooth loss. Even though the procedure itself is not painful, you may choose to take advantage of our sedation options, if you prefer.

Some people think that it is surgical, but our North Attleboro root canal includes no cutting, no stitches, and no bandaging. Instead, it involves accessing the base of the tooth, where the pulp and the adjacent nerve are located. Infection or damage exists, and so they have to be removed. After that, our dentist will clean and disinfect the tooth’s canals. Those canals are subsequently sealed, which is done to prevent future infection. The final step is to place a permanent crown on the tooth, restoring it to normal size and function, and keeping it safe from contamination. Our North Attleboro root canal may take more than one session to complete, especially if the tooth has more than one canal. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown in the meantime if that’s the case.

The rate of success for root canal therapy is at least 90%, and that’s reassuring. The only other option is removing the tooth, and it’s always best to keep your natural tooth whenever possible. Reach out to our office so that we can arrange a prompt appointment for you.

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